We are Coast Salish

Tsatsu Stalqayu, started with our Ta’ah’s dream to show the world who we are as Coast Salish People. Just as wolves travel in packs and work together to flourish in life, our group runs with one heart and one mind. From the eldest to the youngest, we encourage each other to stand strong in the face of adversity by consistently practicing our cultural ways of living. Teaching our children the songs, dances, and stories will keep our traditions alive for generations to come. We take pride in who we are and what we do. Our hope now is to continue representing the Coast Salish culture to the best of our ability, within the respected boundaries, so that all nations can enjoy the beauty we have to share.

Tsatsu Stalqayu translated into English means Coastal Wolf Pack. A traditional Salish song and dance group, the group consists of over 25 male and female members of a single family, from age 6 months to over age 50. Their variation in age and gender allows for more song, dance and stories to be shared on stage and in their presentations. The members of the group with pride represent the following Coast Salish communities: Musqueam, Squamish, Tsartlip, Nanaimo and more.  This breadth of membership along with the multigenerational performers gives their audiences a sense of belonging to this, the hereditary lands of the Coast Salish people.